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Convenient Grooming

So I have a little doggy and with cute little doggies comes the maintenance of cute little doggy grooming. Through the lovely and informtative world of Facebook I learned that one of my friends used a mobile groomer. With a schedule like mine, I thought this would be a perfect solution to my grooming woes. 

The funny thing is with the pics I've posted here is that I had an appointment on this particular day but was heading to the gym and Whole Foods prior to. On my way home from Whole Foods who did I snag getting on the highway headed to my house, my groomer haha. Of course once we got on the highway I had to get past him and get home. Because you know, I've been sitting there at the door all day waiting for him haha. 

So this is another one of the things Madame loves. Convenient grooming to compliment her on-the-go schedule!!! What are some things you enjoy that compliment your busy schedule? I have another that i will unveil once I receive it this coming week. I can't wait to share it with you all.

Till next time!!

P.S. If you happen to live in the New Haven or Fairfield counties of Connecticut, feel free to drop Jeremy at Shoreline K9 a line. 



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