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Girl Time

AHHHH girl time.  I absolutely love girl time. Nothing like an estrogen-filled break to get me recharged. Whether we're meeting after work over wings and cocktails, or a Friday or Saturday night where we get dolled up for each other or (run on sentence, I know) we get together for some fun-filled 5k or mud run (ie: zombie race and Color me rad) or if it's grabbing a bite at Whole Foods after we've sweat our lives away at the gym, TOGETHER. MADAME LOVES IT and appreciates it tons. The funny thing is no matter how much time we spend, I always leave feeling like it wasn't enough. I learn something new from them each time.

A couple of funny girl time facts. One of my girlfriends has accompanied me in literally shutting venues down. Meaning, we enter a restaurant for dinner, end up there so long the dining area closes and all that remains is the bar. Welp, we kindly transition to the bar and continue our conversations. Lo and behold, now it's time for the bar to close and we're STILL talking. What the heck are we talking about!!!????? I have no idea but it's always good. 

Then I have 2 other girlfriends and we share being gym rats with one other and it's not surprising to find us leaving the gym sweaty, but cute :D and headed to Whole Foods for some healthy shopping and talking. Our time is always cut short. :( Hubbies, boyfriends, chores, dogs, cooking, etc often get in the way.


One thing I really appreciate about girl time is day to day we walk around with our own concerns and issues and it's always comforting to see you aren't the only one going through it. With sometimes, too honest, thought provoking, result driven conversation, I'm able to wind my brain down and think "it's not just you girl".  

What does "Girl Time" mean for you?

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