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Brussel Sprouts

My co-workers think I'm weird. For more reasons than one but definitely for my love of brussel sprouts. Since I'm not much a "lunch taker", I'm usually found eating lunch in my office. I also happen to have a thing for brussel sprouts. So when I heat them up in the microwave I usually heat them up really quickly, look around and run back to my desk. The smell of healthy deliciousness is not loved by all. One time when I was caught in the act, the following ensued:

N: Are you cleaning out your system?

Me: No, why?

N: Because you are eating brussel sprouts

Me: I LOVE brussel sprouts

N: NO ONE likes brussel sprouts and they don't smell good

Me: (-_-)

I must admit my two favorite cruciferous veggies, cabbage and brussel sprouts don't smell the best when cooking or reheating. But I LOVE them. So now, I heat them up fairly early in the day and leave them covered as to not release the co-worker killing stench and then by the time lunch time rolls around they are still warm and no smell :D

Enough about brussel sprout gang bangers. Let's talk about how I cook these little monsters. I usually like to buy them fresh from Whole Foods, cut off the little stem and then cut them in half. I then sauté them in a pan with olive oil and season with a little adobo or other spices. It depends on what mood I'm in. Another thing I like to do is sprinkle Truffle Salt on them as I eat them. Applying the Truffle Salt while they are cooking doesn't seem to be as effective flavor-wise. I have some friends that like to bake them in the oven tossed with olive oil and spices. I've been meaning to try that especially with a little bacon. 

How do you like your brussel sprouts??

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