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KitchenAid Mixer - HOT PINK

So a few weekends ago I left the house with specific instructions. "I am not coming home until all of these gift cards are spent". I was unsure if I was questioning my ability to spend copious amounts of money, especially when it wouldn't be my debit card being swiped. (o_O) 

Needless to say I conked out after 3 stores and I have 3 more to go. I was actually going to do one more but I was doing 4th of July shopping and Crate and Barrell was closed. From Pottery Barn I purchased some decorative pillows, a clock and a coffee table ensemble for the living room. My living room is looking mighty fresh right now and has given me some design inspiration.

After that I went to Williams Sonoma........mmmmm this was the highlight. I walked in, glanced to the right, caught a pink sparkle to my right and began to salivate, convulse and any other exaggerative words you can think of for this gem of a mixer in my peripheral. Mmmmm she was so sexy and calling my name.

Now that I think of it, she needs a name. Help a sistah out!!


Magical Hot Pink Mixer

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