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Steve Madden - Oxfords

As I think before writing this I'm noticing a trend with myself. Whenever I'm in pursuit of something, a search ensues until I get it. I'm not usually a person fond of trends so if I do subscribe to a trend it has to be something timeless and classic because I tend to hold on to things F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  I've been in between the same two clothing sizes for about 10 years now so I'd like to blame it on that.

Anyway, there has been a new trend with women wearing masculine-looking Oxfords. I LOVE that look. Especially when paired with feminine garb. I was in Paris two months ago and the trend was even more prevalent there so this really got my juices flowing. As I mulled around Paris I would peek into shops here and there to see if I found some I really liked. But NOTHING.

So fast forward to a day in the city with two girlfriends and we go into a Steve Madden store and low and behold, the perfect Oxford for me, the look, the feel, the colors, everything I'd been looking for AND on sale!! DIDN'T have my size ;( so sad. Yes, not finding the shoe you want in your size (or half size up or down) is in fact devastating. Ok that is a bit of an exaggeration, but you feel me. Being the resourceful lady that I am, I retreated to the web and there they were on the website in all of their masculine glory. And my size to boot!! They are lucky they only had one of the four colors in my size because I most certainly would have been the owner of two pair.

I've had them for about a week now and decided to whip them out for a nice dress-down Friday at work!! Mmmmm shoes :D And I couldn't get enough so I wore them to a picnic on Saturday!

Enjoy your holiday weekend Lovelies!!


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Reader Comments (2)

What is it about shoes? I think we love them because we get to buy two things at a time

July 5, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterBikeandbicker

I think you are correct! I could never have enough.

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