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Lululemon - Duffel

The story of this thing I love will start off with the purchase of my 17-inch MacBook Pro in January/2011. After the purchase I searched high and low for a bag. I purchased a cute sleeve but I needed a bag. I had no idea the pursuit would be as arduous as it was. I'd searched around online for over half of the year to no avail. No one told me that a 15-inch laptop was the largest size bag manufacturers spec'd for consumers. Mind you, I did find a few online but none that tickled Madame's fancy. Also, none that would accommodate my behemoth laptop along with other goodies I'd travel with to the office. 

So a few weeks ago I went into one of my favorite stores, Lululemon to have some leggings altered. They were too long and wearing them dragging on the ground had gone on far too long. This happens to be another reason I love Lululemon; they provide alterations to their products for FREE. Sorry, I'm drifting. You see, I could go on and on about Lululemon but this post is for the bag...there WILL be other products to obsess over. Anyhoo!

Since Lululemon is one of the things I love, I of course had to shop around to see what new goodies they had in stock. I began checking out their bags since I saw they were nice, big and may end up being the future crash pad for my new baby. There was this one cool bag where the laptop would slide right into a zippered compartment underneath the bag and lay flat. I thought that was such a smart idea because then you still have the inside of the bag for the rest of your stuff. Unfortunately, in that visit I was disappointed because the bag OF COURSE only fit up to a 15-inch laptop. UGGGHHH

But I'd never give up on my Lulu. I lOVE their apparel and they love making their items efficient and with little features we'd all love. So I went back the next weekend to pick up my leggings and I started sniffing around the bags again. Two of the employees came over and started chatting me up and I told them about my pursuit for the perfect bag for my baby and one of them mentioned this bag they had in the ......B-A-C-K...... that wasn't on display yet. Don't you just love the exclusivity of the item in the.......B-A-C-K.....that no one else has laid their pesky paws on. She brought it out and IT WAS........ PERFECT and had compartments for days. Oooh compartments. Everyone loves compartments. Needless to say Madame was pleased. So was my 17-inch laptop.

Till Next Time!

Peace, love and Lulu....

 Look at all I can fit - Shoe bag, 17-inch laptop, make-up bag, small lululemon (lunch) bag, blah, blah, blah


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